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Kobe Vii Make Nike Shoes Of Higher Technology

Eric has cooperation with Kobe when Nike first partnered with Kobe. When he working with the Nike Sport Research Lab (NSRL), Eric studied Kobe’s quick cutting carefully. Most of his cutting is so low that the shoe almost buckled and bit into his ankle. This may do harm to Kobe’s ankle and cause injury easily. So he invited Kobe and presented NSRL research and models of different generations of shoes to Kobe. Kobe totally agrees with Eric and his mind, he also wants to push the design as far as possible to make shoes go lower. And this is a special case that basketball shoe would to have lower-top to protect ankles.
Kobe deemed his footwear as another part of his body. So shoes are key factor for him and his performance. Eric engineered the upper panel with Nike’s high technology lightweight support system fly wire. And foot is supported by performance architecture thinly and powerful material – nylon fibers. The fly wire support system once let the Nike lunar running shoes be the lightest footwear and really improve the shoe’s stability. The technology was first used by NASA athletes who would need lightweight material for the outer space job.
Eric understand the aesthetics and functionary deeply, so can he combined them together in superb technique. While the Kobe VII is the evolution of two of Nike’s latest revolutionary innovations fly wire and lunarlite, it is exclusively about performance. But with the stylish outlook, the Kobe VII works as an integrated system.
So let’s have a simple comparison with Kobe VII and Kobe VI.
Kobe told that the VI generation has reverent with the alter ego Black Mamba. It is the evolution of Kobe V and really be a special shoe pop, drives athletics greatly. Most people will be attracted the Black Mamba in the Nike Zoom Kobe VI. The shoes are special for its special polyurethane “islands”, looks like a snake’s skin and protect foot against any kind of abrasion, offer durability as the best shoes do.
The Kobe VII has improved better than other Kobe shoes styles. In the key year of 2011, Kobe have the opportunity to gain his 6th championship and ring. This Kobe VII certainly be very important to him. They are with lower-cut, synthetic leather and upper. This shoe wears comfortable and of lightweight than VI.
There may be some difference between these generations. Both of them are perfect, it is really hard for clients to pick Kobe VII or Kobe VI.

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